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  • Absorbent pad is made of viscose fiber, polyester, etc, and has good absorbency and softness, its surface has special polyethylene grid layer can effectively prevent any pain when replace that wound dressings stick from wound skin. As dressing, transfusion text-aid, etc dressings product absorption material, considering the water absorptivity, softness and permeability, not for human skin allergy, stimulate cell toxicity, and can effectively protective wounds from bacterial infection, have strong absorption performance to achieve national hygiene standards, is a new generation of products series dressings ideal absorbing materials.



    b、Promote the wound healing

    c、Absorb exudate

    d、Physical barrier

    Scope of application:

    Absorbent pads are mainly used to remove blood and body fluids from a wound during surgery or injury, providing a physical barrier to protect the wound.


    1)Absorbent pad can be used after unsealing,but it is not allowed to be reused, in case of cross infection.

    2)Do not use if package is damaged.

    3)This product should not be used for more than 7 days at most, and shouldnot be used for more than 30 days.

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