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  • A waterproof adhesive hydrocolloid foam dressing.

    Maintains a mosit wound environment.

    Absorbs four times more than hydrocolloids of the same size.

    Will not adhere to wound bed.

    Semi-permeable polyurethane film.

    Function and Performance

    1. High absorbency, absorb the exudation from the wound inabundance.

    2. Covered by PU film which is waterproof and can prevent bacteriafrom infecting.

    3. Don't stick on wound when changing the dressing, no pain.

    4. Soft, comfortable, it also can be used as pad.

    5. With characteristic of autolysis to clean the wound, it alsoimprove growing of granulation

    6, Special structure with many small holes, which can absorbexudation vertically and protect the wound edge from maceration.

    7.There is ultra-thinhydrocolloid  on surface of self-adhesive foam dressing.


    1, Before using foam dressing, clean the wound with normal saline,dry the surrounding skin tenderly.

    2, Change a new one when the exudation is 2cm approaching the edgeof dressing.

    3, One piece can stay no longer than 7 days, determined byquantity of exudation and absorbing extent

    4, Foam dressing (with/without glue) can be used together with  alginate wound dressing or silver ion wound dressing so that the autolyticnecrotic tissue can debride itself.


    1, Not applicable for dry wound surface.

    2, Clean the wound and dry the surrounding skin before using.

    3, The dressing size should exceed the wound edge about 2cm.

    4, The dressing can stay on the wound no longer than 7 days.

    5, When exudation becomes less, stop using and change to useother range of dressing.

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