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  • Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing is a kind of disposable sterile product, the product is made of paraffin containing chlorhexidine attached to mesh gauze uniformly. The product is antibacterial and does not stick to the wound during use.

    Scope of application:

    Chlorhexidine gauze dressing is intended for use as a primary contact layer in dressing wounds such as locerations, sking raft recipient sites, newly sutured wounds, abrasions, and minor or partial thickness burns. It may also be used as an initial layer in dressing’s surgical wounds with light exudates.


    1) Avoid using Chlorhexidine gauze dressing if you start to develop rashes or other irritation.

    2) People who are allergic to paraffin products are prohibited.

    3) Chlorhexidine gauze dressing is not suitable for pregnant orradiotherapy patients.

    4) In general, Chlorhexidine gauze dressing is not suitable for bleeding wounds.



    b、Promote wound healing


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