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  • Framycetin gauze dressing is a sterile, lightweight, lano paraffin gauze dressing impregnated with framycetin sulphate B.P 1%(soframycin). Framycetin sulfate belongs to a group of medicines known as antibiotics. This medication is agauze dressing impregnated with the antibiotic framycetin sulfate. It is used to treat infected or potentially infected burns,wounds,ulcer dressing and skin graft.


    Puncture wounds
    Crush injuries

    Paraffin has the characteristics of preventing adhesion and promoting wound healing, and will not adhere to the wound. Neomycin has the antibacterial property, can prevent the wound from infection, and relieve the infected wound.

    Scope of application:

    Neomycin petrolatum is intended for use asa primary contact layer in dressing wounds such as locerations, skin graft recipientsites, newly sutured wounds, abrasions, and minor or partial thickness burns.It may also be used as an initial layer in dressings surgical wounds with light exudate.

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