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  • Gauze Ball is made of 100% high-quality yarn after degreasing and bleaching. It is white, soft, and has strong water absorption. Gauze Balls are divided into with or without developing line; with or without rubber/silicone ring; According to the shape, Gauze Balls are divided into soft (round, flat, cap, triangle, strip) and hard and soft (peanut-shaped, special-shaped, etc.); According to the packaging, Gauze Balls can be divided into ordinary packaging and sterilization packaging.


    1. It is made of 100% natural high-quality cotton. It is white, rounded, no ligatures, clean, free of stains, Neutral pH, minimal weight :  1-+ 0.2grams, and has strong water absorption.

    2. It has less fluff and no thread, which can reduce the risk of wound irritation.

    3. No fluorescent agent, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing.

    4. It can provide various sizes, specifications and packaging, so it is suitable for all kinds of acute wound care.

    1. Sterilized gauze balls can be directly used in surgery and wound care, especially ear, nose, eye and other operations that require small dressings.

    2. Used for wound cleansing and absorption, ideally designed for wounds in aperture.

    3. Can be used during surgical operation after sterilize.

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